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8/13 Priority Toyota Series

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  • 8/13 Priority Toyota Series

    Mike and I were boat number 114 for this one. We pretty much planned to run the same spots we did last tournament but had a few more to mix in. We started near the ramp with the low outgoing water but it was just too muddy and we couldn't get a bite so we ran to the Chick. The tide was high incoming so we started inside a creek and caught a couple keepers on trig plastics around pads. We decided to run and hit another pad field but on the way we stopped at a little nothing spot we found a couple months ago and it paid off with a 3 1/2 lber. Left there and headed to that pad field and stopped again at a creek mouth real quick. That paid off as well with a 4 lber and another small keeper. We finally get to the pad field and someone was already there. We gave them room and fished our way to where we wanted to get. After they moved on we went in and caught 2 more fish that culled us up some. We tried a couple more spots real quick waiting for the tide to turn around but no luck. At this point we are feeling pretty good having what we had with the tide turning around and starting to go out but for whatever reason we just couldn't get them to bite much the rest of the day. We caught a couple more in a creek and made a small cull then ran back to the James. We hit a main river laydown with about 20 minutes left and I caught another fish close to 3 lbs. At this point we felt we had enough to maybe make a check. We put them on the scales and they weighed 14.33 lbs and good enough for a tie with my wife's cousin for 10th place. lol We caught all of our fish on trig plastics. I don't recall catching a single fish on a moving bait. I did have a monster break me off on a crankbait as it wrapped me in some nasty wood. I think it could have been a catfish though. Another good finish for us after a bad start to the season. I'm starting to figure out the summer bite now which was our weakness before but now we need to do better in the Spring which was our strength in the past. Funny how things change.

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    Sounds like a decent day. Glad ya got into them.
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        Good job E
        You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.


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          Nice work!
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