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James River at Pony Pasture

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  • James River at Pony Pasture

    Did some wade fishing last weekend at Pony Pasture. Hot, sunny day. I had my fly rod & my friend had a spinner. I was on the lookout for smallmouth, but no sign of them all day - moved around the middle of the river near some deep pools, switching between top of water flies and some streamers, and just nothing for either one of us. a local guy who's looked at some data from VDGIF mentioned that smallmouth numbers are very low (and way down over the last couple years) in the James downriver of Bremo Bluff and the Dominion plant there.

    I brought some raw chicken to try for catfish in case we struck out on the bass. First cast, my buddy got about a 10 pound (i think) channel. It definitely felt like cheating but was nice to know something was alive in that water.

    We did have a couple nice thrills -- one seeing a longnose gar swimming circles around us (we did cast for it but are lucky it didn't bite as we were totally unprepared to land one). The other was seeing a bald eagle chasing an osprey about 100 feet upriver, with the osprey dropping its catch and the eagle swoop back to grab the fish. Even when i'm not catching much, I love getting out and seeing the wild side.

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    Sounds like a nice afternoon, even if the fishing was off. I spent many an afternoon around Pony Pasture growing up and thru my high school days.
    Wishin' I was fishin'...



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      If you catch any sunfish keep them for catfish bait - either whole or cut bait. Just look for the deeper holes and water and float it through. Pony pasture holds a fair number of cats.



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