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My favorite smallmouth lures and rigs - part 1

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  • My favorite smallmouth lures and rigs - part 1

    Just my way of doing things but figured I would share some of the ways I like to fish on the James.

    First off some of the locations - I dont like Pony Pasture because of all the people - so I tend to head west out to Goochland.

    Wade Fishing
    I like to wade fish at Cartersville Route 522 and Route 6 - I prefer to go down river as the locals go up river and use the islands as a swimming pool. Can be annoying at times.

    The next spot where I will wade is Westview One James - public boat ramp there. I like to go up river and work both sides. There are a few deep holes so be careful.

    These spots have nice shorelines and are good for wade fishing for some fish that are not as heavily pressured.

    Where to use a boat
    I dont use a boat - I use a canoe because I go even further west. There are several different drop points at Hattons Ferry, Wingina, etc. Several really good books out on day trips and overnighters. Careful on the overnighters unless you know exactly where you can camp.

    Some of my favorite lures and rigs
    I like to fish light weight outfits in 8-10# line; 6' to 6'6" rod etc.

    My first favorite is the 4" Senko by Yamamoto in the color below rigged weightless as seen in the other picture. I posted the color of my favorite one as well. It has good action when used like a jerk bait or wacky rigged. If I need to I can always drop down to the slim Senkos that they also make.

    The way I like to fish them

    One of my favorite colors

    While I was on their site pulling these images I came across the new Flippin Hog - now Inow I need to buy a ton of these bad boys...

    More to come

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    Posted by piper

    That hog looks awesome!