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  • Report ending 4-6

    For the week ending April 6, 2008

    Tidal Potomac River

    Not much different from last week I'm still working hard grass edges near deeper water in Aquia and out on Arkendale Flats. Again my top bait was a Booyah boogie. Get it down in the grass and rip it free look for the strike on the edge. I also used a perched colored Booyah spinnerbait and a chartreuse/black back Rebel wee-R. The bass are still relating to hard cover on the drops in Aquia also, Bomber flat A's and a Texas rigged YUM craw-papi in Okeechobee craw worked best. Look for a big push into the shallow coves and grass beds at the end of the week coming.

    Lake Anna

    Toughened up at the end of the week had to run around a lot trying different patterns. We would catch one here and there on a lot of different type of cover. I'm still looking for that one secondary point that is loaded. I used a shaky head rig 90-percent of the time. I used a YUM 4.75 Houdini worm for my shaky head and I switched back and forth between Junebug and green-pumpkin as my colors.

    For more info on Lake Anna check out this site

    Rappahannock River

    No report this week.

    Other Places

    OA Guide Eddie Griggs had a great week on the James and Chick Rivers he reports the following.

    Both Rivers are fishing very well. Believe it or not some fish are spawning and can been seen on low tide, most others are in pre-spawn mode. On the chick; the fish are on the flats, where slow rolled spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits will catch them as well as softly placed flips to cypress knees with a jig or CRAW-PAPI. Upriver flats seemed to be more productive as the water was much clearer than Eagles Bottom or Buzzards Bay. On the James, you need to choose your locations carefully, some are stained to dirty and results were scattered, but find the clearer areas and you can catch them pretty good. Wacky rigged YUM Dingers, slow rolled spinnerbaits, and either the Bomber Flat-A or Fat Free Guppy in shad patterns will do the trick. The water temps were pretty consistent in both rivers ... in the lower 60's. As thought, these rivers are getting better each year and there have been several fish in the 7 to 9 pound class caught so far this spring.

    As a side note... I will be splitting time this week listening and pinpointing Gobblers for the upcoming week and back down in Lake Country at Gaston after more citation fish.... OH I Love April !!! Birds Gobblin and Big Fat mamasita's in the shallows.

    Capt. Eddie Griggs
    [email protected]

    Sponsor of the week: Power Pro Fishing Line

    I finally re-spooled my jig reel this week. I really didn't have to, but the line had been on there a while. I spooled it back in June of 2007. You could fill a wash-tub with the bass that pulled on that line and it was still in excellent shape. For those of you that don't have a clue what a wash tub is; well it's a round galvanized tub about 2-ft deep and holds about 50-gallons of water. It would probably hold around 150 to 200 bass also. It's also what I took a bath in during the summer months when I was a youngin'. Power Pro is the best braided line on the market it's not even close.