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  • Report ending 6-29

    For the week ending June 29, 2008

    Folks if you get a chance check out our pictures page on our website I just updated it to include some of our spring results and a bird or two.

    Tidal Potomac River

    It has been a while since I've went a whole week and not have someone catch a 5-pound bass. But this week was that week we caught a lot of fish but no "Goochie Mamas". May be taht I've went to the well too many times in the same areas. I spent most of my days fishing at Arkendale and Quantico. I'm going to head back north this week focusing on Occoquan, Mattawoman, and Greenway Flats. Arkendale is producing a lot of 14 to 15-inch bass but it's getting a lot of pressure and I think that has the big girls shut down a little. They are there just a little pressured. We had a lot of wind this week so I had my Booyah HD spinnerbait working overtime and they chomped on it good. The bass preferred the herring color pattern. Got some bass on buzzbaits but more on the YUM buzzin frog in black or green pumpkin. A word on froggin; this is a technique that you have to commit to. Sure you may hit a pocket of bass that eat it right away. However most of the time you have to commit for an hour or so to get results.

    Lake Anna

    No report this week.

    For more info on Lake Anna check out this site

    Rappahannock River

    No report this week.

    Other Places

    OA Guide Eddie Griggs was at the Chick again this week he has been a busy guide down there these last two weeks. Here is his report.

    I've always stated that the hotter, the better for the Chick......for me anyhow and the fish are finally starting to move a little into the summer haunts. A week ago, hardly any bite on my main river summertime stuff, but this week both numbers and chubs cooperated. New clients Mark and Tracy Murphy had and enjoyable day on the river, catching approximately 35 or so bass with the largest being a tad over 5 pounds and a couple good 2 - 3 pound fish mixed in as well. The Yum Craw Papi accounted for the big one, but the majority came on 1/8 slider head with a Houdini worm on wood in the main river. The Rebel Wee R also took a few on grass lines and brush piles.

    Water temps: Low - Mid 80's
    Water Clarity - clear - stained

    Capt. Eddie Griggs

    Water Temps: Low/mid 80's
    Water clarity: clear to stained on outgoing water, stained to muddy on incoming

    Sponsor of the week: Booyah

    I cannot stress enough your need to have the Booyah HD spinnerbait in your box. When fishing weeds this lure just flat out catches them. It's so efficient to use over the grass the extra wide willows give it great lift, it has Booyah's counter rotating system providing a true track through the water, weight forward system, and the leverage hook system. If your not throwing this lure your killing your blade fishing.

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