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Lake Anna Algae Blooms

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  • Lake Anna Algae Blooms

    So seeing the health departments warnings on the bacteria in Lake Anna and the sickness that it can cause. I was wondering how frequently this algae bloom occurs in Lake Anna and how wide spread it typically is.

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    Last year Anna was hit with a similar algae bloom, I had to look it up but it happened in August of last year. I didnt realize it was also hit with e. Coli - not only can summer fishing be tough, and dealing with recreational boaters - but then you can also get e. Coli

    All of that is enough to make anyone avoid the lake


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      Was not a problem last weekend, even with the warnings. Lots of folks in the water and no reports of anyone getting sick. Fishing for stripers in that zone was great and the fish that were eaten gave no issues. If you see water with blue/green algae on top, get out of that area. The State Park did not close off swimming during the notice, Another testing of the areas of the lake will be sometime next week and posted.


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        here is the link for algae bloom/bacteria warnings for all of VA.........


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          Sounds like a mess, I know the James has had advisories years back, not sure if it's the same though


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            When I lived in NOVA I was part of the lake management committee for our 'hood. We had both an algae and E. Coli problem. The E Coli was traced to duck and goose poop. The expanse and duration of unusual algae blooms was traced in part to residential and agricultural fertilizers, in part to extreme heat (I blamed it on Al Gore since he invented global warming).

            Algae blooms occur every year - sometimes as early as JUN, often extending well into the summer. Just a fact of life for Anna and other lakes. The bloom lingers when we have periods of no or little rain, they tend to wash out if we get a lot of rain.


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              Factual and well said 31................


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                Last year when they said it was mid lake up I seen it below stureons so not sure how well reports are. Also I notice when the boat traffic got up after the early morning hours it was blended in well in the water to the point of not being able to see it like you did earlier.
                As far as no reports of people getting sick, I imagine diarrhea and stomach cramps for a day you most likly won't here about or how many effected that got in the water. Just my thoughts.
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                  Yeah, I can hold off going to the lake a bit longer


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                    Were the authorities sugesting a huge spike in goose pooping or fertilizer use.? These remain same year to year on my lakes.

                    Ive never seen a Lake with healthy amounts of submerged aquatic vegetation with this toxic algea problem ,in 50 Years of fishing. I see the algeas arrival as coinciding with recent efforts to keep lake anna clear of vegetation as no coincidence. Something must use nitrogen if lake has little submerged vegetation. A local swimming lake in our community began to see the bacteria a few years after submerged vegetaion
                    removed as well.

                    my experience fishing w the algea is differen. Last fall when the algae was on grigsbys in oct, no crappie. Id never experienced that at that time year on that bridge. We found fishing more difficult where the bacteria could be seen nearby. The middle lake was ok.
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