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Coldside Sunday

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  • Coldside Sunday

    Launched early and headed uplake in the dark to the 208 bridge. Worked the riprap for about an hour with top water baits with no luck.. Made a short move while working the bank had some busting bait out behind me, casted into the flurry and picked up a punk striper. Flipped it in the boat and that's when the fun began. While trying to get the hooks out it flopped aground and buried a treble in my right thumb. Eventually got the fish released used my finger nail to open up the split ring to get the bait free from the treble in my thumb. A friend had passed me earlier so headed in his direction. Years ago my wife had gotten me a hook removal kit. It's basically some heavy mono with a small plastic handle. Pulled up to him and he jumped in and popped it out. Went back fishing and managed 3 bass on a drop shot and 1 on a senko off a dock before calling it a day

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    Yikes! glad you got it out and caught a few fish
    Make VAO Great again


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      Thanks for the report, those schoolie stripers never stop thrashing.

      A speckled trout sunk a hook in my palm last weekend. It was a reverse barb hook and I was alone so I just ripped it out cause the fish were biting and I didn't want to lose any time. Man that sucked. I'm sure my profanity was heard across the county.



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