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Lake Anna - Saturday November 7th

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  • Lake Anna - Saturday November 7th

    Its been too long since I was posting. Hopefully, that will not be the case going forward.

    So, given the beautiful weather we are having, I decided to either fish Friday or Saturday. Work had an important meeting to do on Friday and so I went Saturday.
    A few comments before the fishings bits. Man, has LKA gotten busy, even after Labor Day? I got to the lake a little after 7:30am and the lot was busy, and around
    noon, the jet skiers and water skiers, water surfers and pleasure boaters were out in force. With the new developments going in on both the hot side and the cold side
    and the rapidly disappearing lake front lots, its obvious that the LKA I knew in 2000 is long gone.

    I have been on the "ultimate" prop search for awhile (I have 5 now), so I bought a Fury 4 from the BBC that was used exactly once (it was perfect), and wanted to
    try it out. I have a 25 Fury 4, a 25 Fury 3, a Tempest 25, a B&B'd Mark Croxton 26 Tempest with added cup and rake (bad hole shot, but the lift is amazing), and a 25 Trophy plus 4.
    While I have had 2 Fury 4's become Fury 3's, the last one was replaced by Mercury under warranty (via Mark Croxton of BBC fame) so I decided to pay more attention to how
    deep I ran it (Fury is a harder, more brittle, thus lighter material) as you run a Fury too high, well, they fail in my personal experience (and many others). As a result of this,
    I ALWAYS carry a spare prop, hub, and tools to change in the boat, lol. So, now we know the excuse I had to get out and run the boat.

    So, not knowing what the status of the lake was, I came armed for change. 16 rods and lots of gear and plastics to simulate as heavy a load (its my story), as possible for
    the prop test. I also let the live well stoppers out so they would 1/2 fill while fishing so the hole shot would simulate Tx fishing somewhat. I had to wait a bit to launch the
    boat as the ramp was either filled with people just sitting there, people who could not figure out how to back down and only claim 1/2 (High Point has 2 DUAL Ramps) a ramp
    etc. Idle out and decided spur of the moment that I would head to the community docks in Valentines as I had not been there in forever and it would be a nice long run to
    get the engine up to a good temp and see how the prop handled for both hole shot (good), midrange acceleration (very good) and chining (about the same) (hoped for better).
    One side effect of having 40lbs of plastics in the back port side locker and both live wells full was backwash. If you slow down too quick without trimming, it will now backwash.
    Note to self..

    So those of you that know me, know that I have evolved to be a "I am going to try and establish a jig bite" kind of fisherman. I think it is a skill that needs to be developed and
    I love the intensity of monitoring for strikes and for the accuracy of casting to targets, docks, skipping, flipping, roll casts that barely leave a ripple on entry, etc. I am a golfer and jig fishing to me, is the best to relate to it because of the complexity to be a complete jig fisherman. Kind of like a golf shot, there are unlimited ways to work it.

    First stop is an area just before the community docks that has a point that comes out pretty far that has some rocks and brush and stumps on it....was throw the new skipping jig in 1/2 ounce that has a baitlock screw wire around the shaft of the hook and a head shaped for skipping. I am very good at skipping a 3/8th ounce jig, but the 1/2 ounce is a "needs to be worked" on skill. The point yielded nothing and I get over to the first smaller of the community docks with the ramp next to it. There is a huge brushpile on the south side of it and I work that and the southern posts for a few minutes and not much. I was not seeing much bait or arches "yet".

    I always throw a cast to the edge of back dock posts and pull the jig very close towards the front and see if this attracts any attention. On the North side, there is a boat ramp and anyone who knows me knows I always hit boat ramps. Throw the jig up there and once I hit the edge of it, tap/tap. I lower the rod and gently feel the weight and hooks. In comes a close to 3lber who fought like heck
    in the 66 degree water in Valentines, jumped, pulled drag etc. I am like, cool, old reliable is still producing. Move over to the larger of the community docks and this one has a channel swing that comes up near it and the brush pile beavers have been very active in this area. I skip one under a slip and tap tap, another joins the camera rolls of history. This is all within the first 20 I go of the front of the dock and see what brought these bass there. There is a huge school of bait and tons of Stripers. During the summer they were here as well and one day I had fun with a jerk bait catching 12 inch wipers on every cast till I got bored (after about a dozen). I am strictly catch and release, so it was just for fun and to see if I could catch the bigger ones I could see on the electronics that were deeper. So with all the rain, the lake has stayed fertile enough that plenty of phytoplankton and zoo plankton (iron in the water from the runoff of the clay soil which is red from the iron). The next bits of time were spent idling around the Northern shore outside of Valentines as there are some very interesting channels and points that I want to learn. Baitfish pods were plentiful. I went down to Dukes creek and decided to fish the island with the big yellow MARINA sign. Fished all around it, starting with a deeper diving square bill and using the jig on the letdowns and brush piles, but nada. There was a large amount of fish on the southern point, but I could not get a nibble. Fished all the way around to the cut where this a near vertical, so I was scouting new water for jerk bait fishing this winter. I am always looking at structures to see if I can expand fishing patterns for different seasons or conditions. As I wanted to hit the back of Dukes, some bass boats came in and went straight there, so I decided to let them have it. I noticed a lot of anglers were hitting the backs of creeks, but based on water clarity and bait activity I saw, I don't think the lake is there yet.

    Next stop was to be some docks just west of the narrows before the 208 bridge on the north side, but they were covered as well. So I hit the south side. Remember earlier I said that Lake Anna was rocking? Yep, I am stubborn and managed to fish it with a 1/2 jig with short casts. Caught 1 good one that jumped off right at the boat because I was close to shore and tried to horse him in so I didn't get pushed into the shore from all the large wakes. Only about 50% of my casts were fishable because of all the wakes, as many bites are detected by line movement, not feel and that was not possible.

    Got to the end, and decided to idle the area around the mouth of Contrary were the Airplane hanger (and very large Trump 2020 flag). There are some very rocky points, humps and near vertical channel drops I wanted to graph, again looked for more seasonal and situational spots to fish in the future. As usual I found new things, even though I have graphed the entire cold side of Anna several times over the years,
    I seem to always see something new, probably because of the angle of approach is slightly different.

    So now its getting on 2 o'clock, very warm in the lower 70's and a I wanted to retrieve at 3 to get home before dark. Last stop was Pidgeon as I wanted to graph some new Jerkbait in the middle of the upper part of the creek where the water is only 8 feet around the channel edges and wound up not fishing at all as I could not find ANY baitfish in the upper 1/2 of the Creek???? I can't remember the last time I have seen that? Valentines creek in November has more bait and activity that Pidgeon? I am sure there are lots of nice bass in Pidgeon, but not to the naked Lowrance vision :). So, basically the day ended with more graphing and then a 15 minute wait to get a ramp spot due to the combinations of a wife who has NEVER backed up a boat trailer ever based on results which stopped traffic on both ramps for a bit, a pontoon boat where the guy did all with work just pulled out of the water, where a boat sat for 10 minutes while a guy tied up a ramp getting his truck and then being blocked by said woman, etc. People should actually consider taking their boats to a school parking lot and practice when its not live.

    I saw water temps from 66 at Valentines to 65 at the mouth of Contrary, 63 at launch from High Point (but I discount the temps for first hour of operation as it takes time for transducers to acclimate to the water temps) and 66 in Pidgeon at 3pm (I am sure the water temps in Pidgeon 5 feet down were probably low 60's.).

    Tight lines.

    2011/2013 St Jude's Charity Tournament Champion
    Bass East Big Bass Challenge winner of 11-12 and 12-1 hours.


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    Great report Steve, great to hear from you!


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      Thanks for the report SteveO.
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