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  • Veterans Day Tournament

    Great shout out to Larry, Lee, their family’s and all the sponsors that make this a great and fantastic event. Including Dave and Fish Tails.

    I know many VAO members donate their own money to make this a great event. I am proud to share the company of such good and generous men! Thank you all for your generosity!!!!

    21 degrees at blast off. In USMC terms, that’s colder than the balls on a brass monkey! In all honesty, if it weren’t for fishing with my grandson, you wouldn’t of seen me until about 10:00. Lol. I thank God I can still do this in these temps.

    I practiced Wednesday and Thursday for this event and couldn’t manage a limit if you combined both days I knew everything that wasn’t going to work on the day of the tournament, lol. Sometimes that can be a good thing and for this tournament it was.

    I was boat 60 of 80 and every spot I thought about starting on already had a boat on it. No more secrets on Lake Anna and thats for sure. So I worked my way up lake until I found a bank without a boat on it. It just so happened to be the bluff on the left between Rose Valley and the first bridge in the north anna arm. Anna has been fishing tough for awhile, and its hard to beat a whacky rig trick worm on a tough day...and that turned out to be the presentation of the day for us. We picked up three keepers there. Afterwards I ran bluff walls the rest of the day. The bluff on the right just down lake from the mouth of contrary creek gave up two more keepers and our biggest fish of the day...a 3+ pounder. It wasn’t enough to just fish a bluff wall, bait and brush turned out to be the key to getting bites.

    Fishing a whacky rig is slow fishing, so I didn’t have the time to hit everywhere I wanted to that may have given my grandson and I a kicker fish...we ended our day with 10 pounds and change for a fourth place finish. We only managed 8 or 9 bites all day. But we won some jingle and more importantly, I got to spend the day fishing with my Grandson who’s a veteran too, and proudly serving with the US Air Force.

    This time of year, with water temps at 60 degrees on Anna, the fish are moving a lot and their locations are constantly changing, and so do the presentations...its not uncommon to stumble on small schools of bass that move up randomly on any given bank or spot to feed...and thats what happened with me. I’ll take it.

    As always it was great to see all my friends there. Damn you guys are getting gray! Haha.

    God bless and see you guys in the water.
    2010 VAO Polar Bear Overall Winner
    2010 VAO Polar Bear Big Striper


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    Great report J1m!


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      Who be getting gray?! ;)
      Crank That Jank!


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        Nice report Jim. Sorry......I'm past gray.......all white now.
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          Nice report Jim, gonna miss being out there on a cold saturday morning when the sun just starts peaking over the tree line and the steam rising off the water and I look over after a long cast and there you'll be not far from me pulling in some fish, lol. Now you will be showing up when my live well is full or I decide to start chasing bass or crappies. Love ya my friend hope to see you out soon.
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          2019 Polar Bear winner