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Sharing what I know part 1

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  • Sharing what I know part 1

    Posted by just1more

    Each week I am going to start posting the GPS coordinates and the details of every fish over 5 lbs I have ever caught at Lake Anna or had been caught by one of my buddies from my boat. I will also include the locations of brush piles and beaver huts I have discovered over the years. The only information I will be sharing with everyone is information that I have earned the right to share with you. Unless I have been given permission to do so I will not ever give out info from another angler, from a guide trip or guide, or what I witness someone else doing or catching when I am out fishing. I have no right to do so.
    You must understand that I am not a guide and do not pretend to be. The best thing I ever did was to buy Teddy Carr’ book about fishing Lake Anna and read it three or four times. If you want professional help book a trip with Teddy or Jim. These are two of the best; and men of character. The men they hire are every bit as good too. If you do you will not regret it. The people who will benefit the most are the newest anglers trying out the lake and those like me who know the Lake as the Dead Sea or one fish Anna. Part two will be posted soon.

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    Posted by gman

    just1more -

    I think you are exactly right in your approach and I agree with all that you said. While I've caught some quality fish on Anna, I've had days of a thousand casts and just brought up water. I make it a point to fish with a guide 2 - 3 times per year and think it's well worth the investment. I almost have my better half convinced that a GPS/fish finder is a quality investment for the boat, and when I get it installed, (probably springtime), I'll also post coordinates....


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      Posted by Striper

      This should be pretty good - I will even give it a "sticky" so that it stays at the top - we appreciate you sharing what you have learned.

      This board was started because myself and a few others were new to the lake and couldnt find any information about - the guides were plenty helpful but some of the marinas and such were way behind in fishing reports (4 months old) and I thought - surely there have to be others looking to get some help as well.

      Cant wait to see how


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        Posted by Just1more

        Thanks guys!
        Part two and three will be a short back ground on what I believe to be my strengths and weaknesses and a little about my experience at Lake Anna. After that I will start posting GPS, etc.


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          Im Reading!
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