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3 GPS Bass Locations for Lake Anna

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  • 3 GPS Bass Locations for Lake Anna

    Posted by Just1more

    Here are three GPS Locations where I have caught 5 Bass over 5 LBS ea at different times of the year and these spots have been consistent from year to year. All three are up around Jetts Island. I hit these locations frequently when I am out. Most of the time I get nothing; but! every now and then I go there and whack a couple of good ones. 3 of the 5 Bass over 5 LBS came during the month of February on the same afternoon and within an hour of one another. All of the fish were caught on an original silver buddy. No birds were working but bait was present. Water Temp in the lower 50’s. It was one of those days when everything was eating. I caught Striper, Bass, Crappie, Perch and 3 Walleye.
    The other two I caught this past Dec. Once again both fish came within an hour of one another. Both were caught on a ½ Oz KVD Strike King Spinner bait. Chartreuse and White. Water Temp was in the upper 40’s. One I caught in the exact same location as the others I caught in FEB. The other one was 5 LBS 14 Oz caught in front of Jetts Island. (These two fish anchored a 20+ LB Day) I had to wait for another angler to work it first and after he moved on I worked it. I weighed it in at Anna Point Marina for the Dec big fish contest. I really thought I had the 100.00 bucks so I stopped chasing Bass for the rest of the month and tried to find some big striper. Big mistake! I was edged out by another angler that weighed one that went 6LBS. Let me know if you need any further clarification, details or if it is too much info.

    N 38.07.058 X W 77.50.490: Front of Jetts Island, 5 LB 14 Oz. Bass, in DEC. Boat was in 17 foot of water and I was making longs casts at a 45 degree angle to the bank. Slow rolling a Spinner Bait.

    N38.07.292 X W 77.50.538: One 5+ LB Bass in FEB. Boat was in 15 feet of water and I was casting in the direction of window pane.

    N38.07.283 X W 77.50.502: Three 5+ LB Bass; 2 in FEB and one in Dec. Boat was in 15 foot of water and I was casting at a 45 degree angle to the bank. Slow rolling a spinner bait: Casting and ripping back a silver buddy.

    Do not expect to roll in there and get bit in a couple of minutes. These are great locations and I will get em probably one out of every 10 or 15 times I work these banks. I encourage you to look at these locations on a Lake Anna Map and Study the details of these spots. By the time I am done you will discover and know exactly what to look for when you are searching for larger than average bass. Good Luck ! A couple of more will be coming next week.

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    Posted by Lunker934

    I am leaving work but will try and get back on tonight - I have a few questions for you.

    Awesome info!


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      Posted by gman

      Thanks for the post just1more. I don't have a GPS on my boat (yet), but from what you describe - are these spots on the north or south side of the island. I know there is a quick (25yards) drop off on the north point to about 30 feet of water. On the south side point the drop off is much more gradual (150 yards?). Does this sound about right?


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        Posted by just1more

        Hey Gman, I will try to describe this best I can. It is on the Stubbs Bridge side of Jetts of the Island. Start on the point of Jets Island closet to Ware Creek and work it towards the main lake paying close attention to the geography of the bank. You will come to a very small point just before the bank turns in. There is an unusual outcropping of rock totally different than the rest of the bank. Right now you can see it because of the low water but for me this is the sweet spot. I have taken many fish in the 2 & ½ to 3+ lb range with Carolina rig, silver buddy, etc. The 5 LB 14 Oz Bass was the first one over five but I am sure there are more. It just a matter of timing. For the other locations look at your Lake Anna map and find the window pane area on the NW side of Jetts Island. Follow the black line depicting a fence line that runs out of the window pane area to the shore line. The map also shows a secondary road that comes down to the shore line close to the same location the fence line exits the water. The 10 ft contour line running from ware cove towards ware creek swings out in this area forming a small point, slants back in towards the shore line and road (referred to as a funnel area) and then swings back out. That funnel area is where I have taken 3 over 5+. Working the shore line with Blade and spinner baits, jerk baits etc. If you were to put your back to this shore line and start casting towards the main lake is where I took the other. The Walleye where caught on the point just before you enter Ware creek. Caught em on a silver buddy in about three foot of water. Let me know how well I did giving instruction so I can adjust if I must; and if its to much, not enough or just enough info. As we progress you will see a definite pattern of funnel areas, dock locations, preferred points, channel banks etc. Good luck and let me know. Thanks


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          Posted by just1more

          The point you speak of on the north side tht drops really quick has been good to me as well but mostly smaller fish. The ledge and drop off from that same point going in towards ware creek has not been very successful for me but I am sure its a timing thing.


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            Posted by gman

            Looks like I know where I'll try casting this weekend for bass....thanks for the input - I'll let you know how I do...


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              For those of you with out a GPS I converted those coordinates to a google map and overlayed the data so that you could see the locations.

              I cant thank Just1more enough for sharing this kind of information.


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                Posted by dirtman

                If you guys go to the attached (see below)website, this will give you a much better topo and map of the area and any area of lake anna. I use it all the time. Make sure you adjust the coordinates to match DM.MM. Hope this helps. I can't attach it because the file is too large, so use and zoom in on the lake anna area.


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                  So here is what some of those bass that just1more pulled from these GPS locations - man they look good Jim


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                    I also havehad luck here!

                    I took A nice 5.10 Here. Then The Next Day my wife caught a 4.14 on A lone green grub! WTF is all I could Say!
                    Also Farther In to the Cove There Is A Beaver Hut And A similar Rock Wall On the Left Near the End That Has Also Been Good At Pre-Spawn!
                    Water Levels Must Come Back Up To Land The Monsters Along The Banks Again!
                    sigpicFISH-ON Giggity...