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Jan 19 Lake Anna Fishing report

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  • Jan 19 Lake Anna Fishing report

    Posted by gman

    Fished 81/2 hours yesterday - weather was decent in the upper thirties with little wind. I had only 1 strike that bit the tail of off my sassy shad. Found birds all day long squawking and circling and dive bombing the water. Threw sassy shads, jerkbaits, verticled jiggged, C-rigged, crankbaited, and slow rolled a spinnerbait. I could feel my lures knocking off of bait fish but could not coax a bass or striper to hit. here is what my graph looked like in the Pamunkey.....

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    Posted by fishermen77

    I had the same on my graph down at dike#3 and I had a huge pill of bait at the 208 bridge. One of the biggest Ive seen this year. Most all my keepers have been coming were there is no bait fish. But that is pretty neat taking a picture of your graph. I never seem to remember to take the camera and when i do it seems to stay were ever I put it. ( Under A seat.) Good fishing to all


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      Posted by badtyler

      makes me feel a little better being stuck at home all weekend....


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        Has to be frustrating - how is the Eagle fish finder? Have often though about the color models.
        Steve Rodman


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          I like it - My plan is to move it up front and get a GPS model for the console.
          Ranger Z520C Mercury XPS 250