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1-25-20 Skunked

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  • 1-25-20 Skunked

    Was a beautiful day on Saturday so I decided to try my hand at fishin in January which is something I've never done before since moving to VA. Launched at SP around 11am and got off the lake at 3pm. Felt like I fished everywhere, but couldn't even mark a striper on the graph. Tons of threadfins stacked up between the two bridges in Pamunkey, so much that i had to keep checking my lines since I'd snag a few with each pass. No stripers around from what i could tell though. Wish I had a better report, but just happy I got to start 2020 earlier than usual. Going to give it another shot next weekend. Water temps were 44 uplake, and 50 downlake. Tight lines.

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    Were the birds flying over the section between the bridges? Did you go up to the 's'turns pass Hunters Landing?


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      Oh yeah, birds were very prevalent from jetts to hunters. I did go to the S turns, but wasnt seeing anything that kept me interested in staying too long.


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        Yeah, I had the birds lie to me twice a couple weeks ago! Early part of last week I found them between the first two creeks on the down side of the 208 bridge.


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          Thanks for that! I will have to explore that area some more this Saturday when I'm back out. I've never caught one below 208 except for on a charter. Need to fish it more to get my confidence up I suppose.



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