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7-28 Striper Pandemonium with Benjamin

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  • 7-28 Striper Pandemonium with Benjamin

    After doing pretty well last evening, Benjamin was up at 5 am ready to do it again. We had lines in the water about 5:45 in the same general area that we found them last evening. Within 10 minutes it became pandemonium on the boat. Rods hooking up and screaming. And I mean screaming. Hybrids pull and fight like a freight train.......and these fish were much bigger than last evening. After about 90 minutes it was all over with. We were exhausted! Two big hybrids about 5 lbs each, a 26 inch striper around 7-8 lbs, and many other stripers in the 3-5 lb range. We kept our limit of 8. Benjamin could hardly hold up his end of the stringer! Picture doesn't do the hybrids justice with their backs to the camera....they were WIDE.

    Here he is with the big striper.

    Definitely a day that we will both remember for a long long time!

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    a blue ribbon day for sure. way to go, Benjamin! you, too, gramps. ;)


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      Wow, two awesome days in a row! Nice work Curly. This sounds like a Hemby report


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        Awesome day and memories!!



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