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Striper Report: A Crazy Morning on Lake Anna - Jim Hemby Guide Service

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  • Striper Report: A Crazy Morning on Lake Anna - Jim Hemby Guide Service

    Zach, Randal, Chucky, Daviv and Jonathon

    Love my Waterbugz planner boards

    Joe, Ray and Mike

    Today I knew we were in trouble way before we departed the marina because there were so many fishermen out before daylight. I snuck out of the marina before light and located a school of Nice Stripers. Pulled through them and hooked up and called Don over on the phone to join the fun. Before long there were so many boats on us it reminded me of fishing out on the bay! That's what you get trying to fish on a pretty weekend day on just about any body of water anymore. Fishermen see you reeling in fish and it's time to move on and thats what we did. We looked for about an hour where there were no boats in sight and finally found what I was looking for. We caught fish after fish until finally one of my clients said they had enough and called it a morning. We threw back numerous fish that were not hurt to fight again. Great to find areas where you can't get busted by other fishermen and have a school to yourself. Had a good crew today who really enjoyed themselves taking home plenty of good memories. Want to come out and enjoy and morning catching Stripers? Check us out at or contact us at 540 967 3313 or 540 223 0850, You Will Be Glad You Did!

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