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    Recent unposted reports have been that the stripers have been playing hide and seek the last 4 weeks. I gave it a shot today anyway. Air temp might have made it up to 35 today out on the water. Water temps above 208 were pretty much 42-43. Fished from Duck-in-the-Hole down to the Splits and then back up the Pamunky arm to Terry's Run. There is plenty of bait around the 2 main bridges of each arm. Stripers are a different story. I did mark fish, but most all were scattered and hugging the bottom in 20-35 feet and not interested in anything I had to offer. I was thinking the fish would be in 10 feet or less this time of year/conditions, but found very few there.....maybe they are further up the arms in that muddy/stained mess in really shallow water. May try again tomorrow once temps get well above the predicted low of 19 degrees in the early morning :p