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Thursday 4/11/19

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  • Thursday 4/11/19

    I had an hour or two to get out after work, i went out a little after 6 and found a school of herring in my cove right near the 208 bridge; they were in about 20-30’ of water and i had a pretty hard time catching them, but finally caught some nice 6-8” ones by 6:45ish... I put them on planer boards and caught one smallish striper and had a few hits before it 7:30ish when i went in. Water temp was in the mid 60s and the hits/one catch was in 15-20’ of water.

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    Thanks for the report! I was out last weekend and got skunked. Worked the area between Stubbs and Terry's run hard, but no takers. Saw a bunch of dudes pulling out in front of Jetts, curious if they had any better luck.


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      I did the same thing, and diddnt have any luck, and then tried plentiful creek kind of on the way home to give up and caught a couple over 20’ of water, one on a downline, which suprised me. Im just trying to learn how to fish with live bait still. I need to get out with someone who knows how and where to fish for a while and learn more tricks. It definitely seemed like more fish on the sonar up past hunters to me so thats where i tried at also.