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  • Catfish

    Posted by Nightfisher

    What's the catfish situation like on Anna? Flatheads? Blues? Channels? Anything of any size?

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    Posted by gman

    I've caught channel cats (I think) while fishing for Stripers using sassy shads - they were in the 1 - 3 lb range. My guess would be that there are some decent sized catfish in a Lake as big as Anna and plenty of forage to support them. Here is a report from Jim Hemby.

    CATFISH: These fish are extremely plentiful and are feeding everywhere. The larger Cats are just under or behind the schools of Stripers . Anglers are catching fish using Powerbait Catfish Bait on fish finder rigs and the Cats sure are hitting live bait very well. The Catfish show up on your depth finder as arches on or very near the bottom.


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      Posted by bill1wts

      They are channel cats and the biggest I have ever caught is 5 to 6 lbs - I don't think they grow as big as the other cats. High Pt used to have catfish tournys on Sat nights like 8 pm to 8 am I never fished in one but I think most were won with 8 to 10 lbs. Not sure they do that any more.