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    Posted by John

    There are a million ways to cook a striper and I haven't tasted a bad one yet... anyone have a favorite to share?

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    Posted by scaryaaron

    I got a couple......
    Try taking a brown grocery bag and coating both sides with olive oil. Place a fillet of Striper on the bag and brush with Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing (whichever is your favorite). Cook on your grill until the dressing starts to turn brown. (you shouldn't have to flip the fillet over). Enjoy!
    My second one is one I use when fishing over on the bay with friends. I have a microwave on the bay boat and after a day of fishing we will take a fillet of Striper and coat it with old bay. Pop it in the microwave and zap it for about 3 minutes. Tastes great, and entirely too easy to prepare.


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      Posted by badtyler

      break out the deep fryer..peanut oil...and house autry...i always
      like to add/substitute a little dark beer,preferably bass ale...for water, to the batter..and fry the mushrooms first/...and always
      keep the hot sauce by the fryer so i can sample the main course.
      even the kids will love it fried...i think the oil should always stay right near 350..


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        Posted by Dinger

        I agree on the frying - it was ne to me but now I love it

        yoursic light breading - broil and fresh squeeze of lemon