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How about a little fun with stripers on Lake Anna?

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  • How about a little fun with stripers on Lake Anna?

    A small little contest - you pay a small entry fee ($10 - $15) and the largest striper weighed at an official lake anna weigh station wins the jackpot or gear or electronics - something worthy of the effort.

    Time period - starting whenever we kicked this off say through the summer and then another one during the fall and winter. this way you have plenty of time to fish and arent limited to just one weekend like a usual tourney. Feb - July and another August - Januaury contests.

    If we get enough people - say 15-20 people at least - I will up the anty and say the winner gets a new fish finder on the house.

    People who register will get a special card from me - when a fish is weighed, photographic evidence of the fish has to be taken and the card must visibly be in the picture along with the WHOLE fish and the SCALE reading. This weigh I dont get anyone trying to lie and show a fish from last year or something. Has to be officially weighed - weight submitted to me and a photo with the Fishing Virginia Card shown clearly in the photo evidence.

    Sound like some people want to play along and win something good?

    Post up let me know and we can get this thing kicked off.

    Might try something for the James striper run as well.

    Photos and weights will be posted for all to see on this board throughout so you know what you are up against.

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    Posted by gregt

    That sounds pretty cool - I just wish I knew how to catch them on Lake Anna...

    Now the James is a different story


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      Posted by fishermen77

      Sounds like fun to me. Just let me know when this is set too go.


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        Posted by Gman

        Count me in.............


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          Posted by lakerdan

          Sounds like something I would be interested in - I dont fish tournaments but this is more my speed and style


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            Posted by outfishinu

            Count Me in!
            I want the Hummin Bird Matrix 97.
            Thanks for playing.


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              Posted by Charlie Bowles

              This sounds like an great format... I posted this back October of last year http://www.lakeannastriper.proboards...ead=1191473267
              I also put it out on a couple other forums and asked around... With all of the positive feedback I think we could get at least 20 boats. I know of 6-8 boats that have already said to count them in.. I've actually started to work on a flier to post around at the marinas..... The merchandise from the site would sweeten the pot even more


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                Mr. Charlie,
                I have used your tactics in many situations I have been in and have had some pretty good luck!
                I would like to fish with you in person someday.
                As I feel I have much more to learn.
                The water levels have really put the hurt on me as most of my old spots are no more!
                Just some personal one fisherman to another clinic if you will!
                sigpicFISH-ON Giggity...


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                  Any time

                  I sent you a PM.



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                    Lets make this happen!!!
                    sigpicFISH-ON Giggity...


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                      OK - I will put it together and release the details no later than this weekend - its on fellas - can you hack it?


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                        Let the games begin!
                        sigpicFISH-ON Giggity...


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                          I am in for the Striper games on Anna. Sounds like a good time. Just let me know when and if there is anything I can do to help


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                            Go to here -->