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    Jan. 21st 7:00AM...COLD!!!!
    set up to drop an umbrella, two stretch 30's, and two large Chatters.
    Marked a nice School at dike three 32 to 38 feet. Right at the 40 to 60 foot ledge!! Dead in the current!!!
    ...The problem?
    A very short run from the dike to the target.
    ...The solution?
    stalled boat about 50 feet from the dike Dropped umbrella to about 30 feet in current just to side of boat began the 5mph run wile also droping the stretches.This in the current picked up the umbrella and got the stretches to the target depth just prior to the school. The wait was short for the first strike. Then another moments after the first.
    The stretches had the fish. A 15#er and A 12#er.
    But I believe the umbrella gave them the taunt to tag the trailing stretches.
    this happend quickly and with lots of thought and preperation.
    Effective none the less.
    This method woks well in a constant depth situation, but if you don't know the depth of your trek from start to finish the lake will take a small fortune from you and make a day of fishing the bay way into a nightmare and an empty pocket.
    Learn the channels and mark your waypoints, and this method will catch stripers with minimal effort.
    Good luck.
    sigpicFISH-ON Giggity...

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    Now thats some good info - thats why your out fishing me


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      Sweet catch

      Thats some really pinpoint trolling... I've fished that area a lot, it's really difficult to troll without hanging up $80 worth of Umbrella Rigs and crank baits... very impressive!



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        Thanks guys with a good mate and some experience this does work well.
        Yeah Charlie this is where the money and the knowledge seperate in a positive way!!!
        I did lose one stretch earlier in the season.
        To many rods out alone!!!!!
        sigpicFISH-ON Giggity...