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VA West FoM, Kerr, 18 MAR

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  • VA West FoM, Kerr, 18 MAR

    Squire and I kicked off our 2017 season at Kerr. Another great show put on by Russ and his tournament team. The 33 boats registered was a record for the VA West opener. Lots of hard work going on in the off season. Russ has done well building the reputation and focus of West.

    Practice: We saw all kinds of weather over the course of the practice period. Wind, rain, hail, thunder, more wind, sun, more wind, clouds, and some wind. With water levels holding at 298 we knew there would likely be a solid main lake point bite going on. We also knew from experience that some of the fish would have moved into the backs of creeks, coves, and cuts during the previous week's warm weather. We guess right on both accounts, finding fish willing to eat a jig, a swimbait, a medium running crankbait, and a c-rig. Not a lot of bites but the ones we had were solid keepers. Our most reliable bite was on rocky points w/ deep water and wood in shallow water. We covered a lot in 2 days.

    TX day: We opted to start shallow since the overnite temps were very mild. We guessed right again, banging out 3 good keepers (jig, c-rig, swimbait) in the first 30 mins off of wood in 4-7'. That bite died out quickly so from there we began to hop our set of main lake points. Keeper number 4 (jig) came off of a drop in ~12'. We struggled to find that 5th fish until about 2:45. We were working a main lake cut that had a bunch of flotsam in it. The wind had picked up again and blowing in there pretty good. I made a perfect pitch w/ my c-rig and was rewarded. Unfortunately she wrapped me up around one of the logs and broke me off. In retrospect I could've played her a little smarter by going into the shallow water and trying to unwind her. Impatience got the better of me. Steve saw her a minute or so later as she came up out of the water trying to spit the lure out. She was 4 lbs easy. With that our day was done and so were we. We weighed 4 fish for 11.13 and finished somewhere in the middle. We were on the right fish. Just failed to execute.

    Observations: 1) Bait is making its way into the backs of creeks and cuts. On THUR is was almost entirely in the main lake channel. By midday FRI it had made a big move back. We saw bait everywhere - shallow and deep - on TX day. 2) Many of the fish we caught were pasty. They'd just come up. 3) Water temps were 45* at launch on THUR, 49* at launch on FRI, and 50* on TX day. We saw 54+ in a number of places on SAT afternoon. Water was slightly stained; maybe 3-4' of viz. Some creeks were a little clearer. THUR's wind really did a number on some of the areas on the main lake. 4) The bite was better in the afternoon for the most part. 5) All of our fish were very healthy and fat.

    Congrats to our travel mates - Dave and Brad - on their win (17.27 lbs). They had a field day and executed flawlessly. We're at Anna next SAT w/ VA East. I have no clue when CoE will begin raising water levels on Kerr. Was the topic of many conversations over the weekend.


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    Great report 31! Sucks to loose a big one at the end. Sounds like that would have put you near the top. Good job!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions



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      Nice report 31, not a bad way to start the year
      Make VAO Great again