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Fun Fishing Last Saturday

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  • Fun Fishing Last Saturday

    So I played hooky from guiding and took my loverly bride fishing. It was slow to start and the first two hours yielded no bites. Started flipping pads because I can do that when not guiding. Playing with my baitcasters was fun. Got a hit and landed a 12inch bass. Two minutes later got a solid hit and fought a med sized snakehead. Came off right at boat. Hook was almost bent straight. Moved around and found this 2 foot deep area that big bass where using to eat bait as the tide went out. Bam big hit and this almost 6lb bass was landed on a popper. (Customer rod). Cast over to the pad edge and one twitch and the water exploded. Big snakehead nailed the popper and drag was screaming on the reel. Lasted about 2 minutes of give and take till the hooks broke. The big snakehead was only two feet from the boat and swam away. Later with only three hooks out 6 left on the lure I land another Bass and this snakehead. Now I have one hook left. Caught one more small bass. Wife fought a snakehead that buried deep in the grass and got off as well.

    Capt Mike
    Light Tackle Guide

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    Looks like fun, glad you got out for some fishing



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