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Fun Thursday Trip

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  • Fun Thursday Trip

    So with the heat showing around 100 I knew the snakehead would play. Loaded the cooler with 20lbs of ice and the wife and I hit the creek. Got to play with new tackle and it took me a while to get the reels dialed in. Many professional over runs happened. Caught a nice LGMouth on a lightly weighted swim fluke. Man that felt good to knock the dust off with a baitcaster again. Saw many snakeheads milling about and had a blowup that pulled the hooks on a zipping ziggy. Needed pliers to bend them back. Missed another three hits. Then this guy hit on light tackle and we had a really good fight. Of coarse it was on a Rico customer rod. Figures. Wife did not catch any but had a few hits.
    In total landed one bass and one snakehead. Lost three snakehead and one bass that I just jerked too hard and too soon. Ha..

    Capt Mike
    Light Tackle Guide

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