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6-12-21 Double Report

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  • 6-12-21 Double Report

    Double boat trip and very pleasant weather. Water was really stained from storms on main creek and water temps down 10 degrees. Not the greatest conditions for the big bite. Tried a popper for a bit and no sniffs at it. Still not looking up in the evenings. However the little swimmy did get a bunch of hits. Missed bites and soft hooksets let most of the strikes swim away. But we did catch fish and had a big snakehead chase the bait. Fun evening.

    Capt Mike

    Ooh boy, what was good... what was good...?

    The weather? Yep, it was good weather. The water was stained brown with particulates (never good) but, not necessarily three creams in your coffee. (my apologies if Capt Mike used the same expression as we don't coordinate reports...LOL) Two weekends ago, 76 degree water, last weekend 86 degree water. This weekend 76 degrees. Do the math (metaphorically). The deeper into the pads we went, the clearer the water but, it didn't matter much. We caught a few and missed a few plus a two pound blue cat on swimmy in the pads. Good conversation all night long was a plus. The other plus was that Steve was solo so, I got to fish a bit. (even caught a fish)

    Capt Dave