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#5 Convict Bass Dawn Patrol

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  • #5 Convict Bass Dawn Patrol

    It started off as normal with me catching all the fish.. I think I was up 5 to zip and then Ernie scored after a professional over run was picked out. After that I started used the speed jig and man did I ever get some hits..but no hook ups. So bound and determined to catch a fish on all three rods I change my speed jig to a 100G with double assist hooks. Capt Brady asked how heavy the jig was and I said 1000 grams as I misread the G for a 0. Some quick math with slide rules and an abacus happened after that statement. I Refocused on the writing on the jig and corrected my self. I sorta caught one on the speed jig, as it was snagged very close to the mouth. Capt Dave was quietly catching fish up front on a med light rod and a very small Shimmi reel. Back to my Lil Bunker and my sporty fiberglass rod for a while so I could catch a few before testing my next rod. Next rod is med light ST Croix with a Lil Jimmy buck-tail and a dropshot bait called an frost minnow from Zoom. This little Zoom bait looks exactly like the silver-sides they where eating last week. Had to wait till fish where only 20 feet down before throwing it. Hooked up on a nice 26 inch fish after what seemed forever to let it sink. Songs burst out at that point and I was back to my fiberglass rod. Great day and tons of laughs.

    I have bruises on my belly from the rod but and fighting fish.

    Capt Mike
    Light Tackle Guide