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Potomac vs James River

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  • Potomac vs James River

    Posted by Piper

    How does the Potomac fish compared to the james - its seems like much bigger water and the tidal amy or may not be the same. I have never fished but will be working in the area a fair amount this summer. Thanks.

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    Posted by scaryaaron

    I have fished the Potomac from Western MD all the way to it's mouth at the bay. Near the bay the fishing is pretty good. You never know what you might get into. I have even had skates swimming around my boat north of the 301 bridge. around DC there is some pretty good bass fishing. The current can get pretty strong on the Potomac.
    Never had the chance to get out on the James yet.


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      Posted by Teddy Carr

      Hey piper,

      Just a quick note on the differences of the two rivers the way they fish for bass.

      I attack the Potomac more in the fashion of a lake in the respect that when I find them I stay on them through all and any tide stage. In other words find them and sit on them.

      The James I will run the tides trying to take advantage of the last 2-hours of out going water chasing it up river trying to capture that time frame of the tide as long as I can. Eventually the tide is going to catch up with your running and then you will have to make adjustments for a tide that usually slows the bite (last three hours of incoming)

      PM me or call me and I can make that Z-9 dream a reality.



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        Potomac fishing

        I've new to Virginia and trying to find places to go where I can fish more than spend on the highway. Have launched from Leesylvania State Park and fished the area with little luck. Have heard creeks south of LaPlata, MD hold fish but not sure where to launch.

        It seems like there are great spots south near NC or east near the ocean but would like to find places clsoer Where are the fish and are they good to eat?



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          I think you can get Topo mapes at sporting good stores that will give you boat ramps, and fishing spots. But the best way to learn that river is to have someone that knows it real well go with you, or you go with them. Most people you will find only know sections of the river. But I know there is some good fishing around the Harpers Ferry area. And from Washinton National Airport to the Aquia creek. good luck and good fishing


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            Bruce, if you are close to LaPlata then here is one of my favorite spots on the Potomac. Go north on Rt. 301 and cross the bridge into Maryland, there is a small run down campground right across the bridge with a boat ramp. (as you are crossing the bridge into MD you can see the place on the left. look for lots of old broke down boats and campers.) You can launch there, and fish out in front of the power plant where the water changes temperature. Always holds fish. Or, you can go North on the river from the 301 bridge and find the ship channel with your depth finder. Find the 30 foot plateau north west of the channel marker, and drop lines baited with perch or shad. You will hook up with some nice catfish, croaker, and when the timing is right striper. ADCO has a really good map of the Potomac for that area right around rt. 301 and I have fished there for years. Just be mindful of the current and the wind if you have a smaller boat. It picks up quick out there.