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May 6th Double Report

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  • May 6th Double Report

    The boys in the tuxedos have mostly done the dancing but a few remain and they prefer good cover. So just like last year I change from spider rigging to cane pole flipping. This is a simple technique but requires some hand to eye to pole coordination. If you are accurate you get a bite..I also use few tricks with the boat to aid in the bite. It was almost warm when we started at dawn and by noon the temps had dropped and rain was ice cold. Still we managed 9 good crappie. And had a bunch of throw backs.

    Capt Mike

    Late season dock flipping trip.

    Gil's third crappie trip this season and his first with me. Capt Mike broke him in and I got the well prepared Gil. Paul was a complete newbie to this style and he picked it up quick. Crappie, white perch, a nice channel cat and three bass including this one. One ten foot pole each was all we used today. Far cry from setting up and breaking down twelve rods. 6AM dry launch and by11AM cold and wet, the crew called it a day.

    Capt Dave
    Light Tackle Guide

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    Little guy looked like he had fun.