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June 17th Double Report

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  • June 17th Double Report

    His first Potomac Pike was landed by Gil Saturday evening. This is Gil's second trip and he got one. This PP was all fired up and hit three times before he got the hook in it. That normally does not happen. Weather was perfect and the bite was good. Several of those pesky LGMouth where caught also. We finished the evening with some hollow body frogs and once again missed a few more. Last cast brought a chunky LGMouth to the boat that just fell off at the boat. It was a professional release by Tommy. Great evening and fun company.

    Capt Mike

    I really liked my crew last night, can't put my finger on it, I just did. After they drove to Capt Mike's house by mistake and was redirected by Mrs.Capt Mike, to the ramp, they scarfed some ribs and we were off.

    Shane missed two big snakehead. We all watched the first one, right at the boat, take his toad and he pulled it away from the fish. Premature ej...well, you get the picture. About an hour later as Shane was lamenting the loss and saying he'd maybe rather not even have had the shot than to have a shot and miss, had another snakehead (bigger that the last) take his toad. The fish turned and Shane set the hook...too soon.

    In the friendly competition, Charlie was up 3-0, when Shane caught next three. Poppers came out to play and Charlie caught a nice largemouth at dusk. All large mouth were really nice fish. Capt Mike radio'd the all done and we turned on our lights and headed in. Pretty decent night.

    Capt Dave

    On a side not Capt Dave has a few select dates still open. June 25th, August 13th, 19th and 27th.
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