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June 24th Double Report

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  • June 24th Double Report

    Dead low tide at start demanded some top water poppers. Demanded I tell you..but some one did not inform the fish. As the tide pulsed in that first push the fish responded nicely. We caught some dinks and missed a slash by a snakehead and the flood tide was on us. Switch up to toads and game on as I pushed the boat around with my push pole. Crossed into an area I have not fished in a year and we caught a nice snakehead. Caught a 6 more nice bass and missed some bigger snakeheads. Called it a night as we glided back to dock under golden skies and fireworks in the distance. A very very nice trip.

    Capt Mike

    We got on a nice little unexpected popper bite first thing at dead low tide. We lost five of the seven hits but, two bass in the boat so...

    We hit the pad fields when there was enough water and missed two snakeheads in the first ten minutes. Someone forgot to tell the tide to keep coming in. It stopped half way through the cycle making for a little more difficult poling.

    A long dry spell of activity ensued and it was looking bleak. Capt Mike radio'd and said "let's move". We entered opposite ends of another favorite pad field. Gil stated, "one more cast and I'm done, these snakeheads aren't liking us tonight." I was beginning to believe he was right.

    Tommy then, landed his first snakehead, small but, a snakehead. After pictures and last rites, we started casting again. Gil picked up his rod and told Tommy to get another one. That's exactly was he did. Classic snakehead bite. We saw the wake and as it got a little too close to the boat, I told Tommy to kill the toad. Tommy felt the pick up and bowed to the fish. Tommy laid the graphite hard this time. (he admittedly missed his share of opportunities last week with less than necessary hook set power) Two for Tommy.

    A big bass was next (we thought a third snakehead) and we called it a night. A really good night.

    Light Tackle Guide

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    Capt Dave
    Light Tackle Guide


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      Nice bass in the last picture. Guy looks like a had a heck of a time. Lilly pads are well missed out here in the western part of the state.

      What I do not miss:

      Excessive humidity


      Thank God For Rednecks


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        Good evening out. Nice pictures.
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