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July 23rd Double Report

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  • July 23rd Double Report

    Arrived at ramp in the pouring rain. High hopes with a good tide along with the new XM Station Yacht Rock to help me chill out in the heat. Rain stopped and I pulled the boat cover while a small group of bass fishermen weighted in there catch. Big fish was 4.2 and no one had a limit. Bad sign..then this guy pulls out a big snakehead and gives it to me. Very nice of him...a big thanks again. He caught it on a drop shot. WOW.
    Poppers at the ready we danced the edge of the grass line and caught a fish. Then the clouds peeled away and the sun came back with a vengeance. No more fish caught till late evening and the tide came in nice. Way back in the pads we went. At one point the fish had us surrounded but would not bite.. you could see them just swim by all lazy like. Had a couple nice hits with two hookups that came un-done.

    Great energetic crew.

    Capt Mike

    It poured down rain right before lunch/launch. Temperatures cooled down but, it was still SO HUMID. The cloud cover gave us a little respite from the heat, until the sun came back out. Woo boy did it get hot. The heat didn't seem to bother my crew. Fishing was tough again. Donny took a largemouth on a popper early. We watched a pair of snakehead guarding fry. Mike made many a cast even though they are at their hardest to catch when guarding fry, nope. We spooked one and then Mike hooked up, snakehead in the boat. Mike missed two more within 15 minutes that were great blow ups. The air seemed to cool down and the bite got even slower. Mike picked up a bass and we called it night. Great four pack, double boat crew tonight.

    Capt Dave
    Light Tackle Guide