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July 30th Double Report

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  • July 30th Double Report

    You know how you have great fishermen on board and the fishing is "OFF" but you know that cold water and muddy water can not stop the catching. Well glad you know that..I as a guide on the other hand had to find clear water. After 4 hours plus of pushing in and over the never ending pads and hydrilla we found some willing fish. A few missed fish and a big old snakehead was fed half a toad.

    Did I mention the cuban cigars??

    Great crew..

    Capt Mike

    Tommy and Gil are three for four on snakehead trips this season. Tonight was almost a bust. Two lost fish for both of them but, they kept at it. Tommy scored a nice snakehead late in the evening so the night (and their high average) was saved. We fished five hours of out going tide in the pads. There was a LOT of water in creek today. Low tide edges never happened and once again golden hour wasn't golden.

    Capt Dave
    Light Tackle Guide