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Nov 5th Report

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  • Nov 5th Report

    7AM, drizzly, foggy, chilly launch and run for I#1 customers again today.

    The first set of three pictures are the marks we found with each time the fishing slowed. We would only move about 30 feet and I just couldn't run any place else looking at those marks. The fishing would be steady and then the bite would slow. We'd move and it was on again then, off slow. This was Capt Mike's big fish water yesterday, all eaters today.

    We decided to get some different scenery. We made another run. The third three sets of pictures are the marks we found there. Fishing was hot for a while and then slowed. 1PM and the big fish just weren't there. We were damp, cold and done.


    Capt Dave
    Light Tackle Guide

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    Lol looks like my graph this past weekend, and like you said on off on off but they stayed there moving in a large circle. It also had what I was actually looking for mixed in. The big green fish.
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