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April 15th Double Report

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  • April 15th Double Report

    Warm morning with highs in the 70's was the forecast for Sunday. At least before I went to sleep. Woke up to 60 degree temps and ran up the river and hit a wall of north wind and cold temps. Came down off plane and was breathing steam and chivering from the 20 degree drop. OK someone really got it wrong.. North winds and south winds...really wrong indeed. Tucked into a leeward side that had not been fished at all this year and pounded big crappie. By 10 am was only 9 fish from a 30 fish limit. By 11:30 the wind kicked up and rain was cold. Limited out and ran back to the barn on good seas for 20 mph winds. Caught this big boy on a cane pole..yep a cane pole.

    Capt Mike

    It's not like I forget, it's that I don't completely remember how much I laugh when I fish with Bobby and his crew. It always helps to be catching fish and we certainly did today. The wind was to be light out of the east but, the wind didn't pay attention to the weather reports. After about a half hour, it became cold and stiff out of the north. Our spot although had given up fish, was getting tough to fish. (and cold) we joined Capt Mike on the protected north shore. Just shy of a four man limit but again, these fish big. I get to laugh again next Sunday with them.

    Capt Dave
    Light Tackle Guide

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