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FOM Legacy - 4/21/18 - Could have been better.

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  • FOM Legacy - 4/21/18 - Could have been better.

    Fished the FOM Legacy event on Saturday the 21st and had a great time, despite a tough tough bite. I know that some folks found them on Saturday, as someone always does, but none of the boats in our tourney had too much fishing success. That said, plenty of memories were made and I think everyone had a great time as the weather was nice and it's just good to get out on the water.

    For us, we only caught 3 fish. A dink, a keeper, and one that shrunk and was released after a courtesy check at the weigh-in. I think we finished in 6th with the 2.44lb fish. Of the 13 boats in our group, no one weighed more than 2 fish, and scant 6lbs was enough to win it. Water temps 52-54 all day with pretty stained water.

    The weekend started at the meeting and the meeting played out perfectly, IMO. As anyone who fishes FOM knows, the raffles are big part of the meeting. Everyone likes to win matter how simple it is, and especially for the kids involved in the Legacy series. After dinner, Jim Whittman shared a nice devotional message about training up our kids in the way of the Lord. At the end he offered up 10 raffle tickets to the first kid who could answer a scripture question first. I could see Bryce had it on the tip of his tongue and none of the other kids were answering. After a few minutes I gave him the first word of the commandment/answer 'Honor', and he had it from there (Ref Exodus 20:12). He graciously received the 10 tickets, but since I helped him a little we decided to give those tickets back out to all the other kids there. He kept one for himself. As the raffles started getting called out none of his 11 numbers were getting called, and I could see he was getting a bit disappointed...especially as 3 of the #'s called out were ones that he had donated back to other kids. I leaned over, "It's okay dude, you have made those kids nights by them winning off those tickets, and it'll all work out" Finally, with the last raffle, and the one 'big one' for a brand new JB Custom Stinger series rod, one of his #'s was called and we won the 'grand prize' of the night. It was pretty cool, and IMO a great object lesson/example for those that were in attendance of the blessings that can come for doing good. Call it divine intervention, karma, or just a coincidence based on your beliefs, but regardless, it played out nicely and he was pretty excited to go home with that rod.

    On to the fishing. Saturday morning was chilly, and there were a load of boats at the ramp. 4 Clubs/tx's were going out of HSM, plus another 200 in the BFL out of Smallwood. We knew the river would be crowded and the community holes would be packed. We've had good success in this event in the past, so I just went with history and decided to work the beach, along with lots of other folks. No big deal though, it's the Potomac in April, so it's expected. We fished and fished and chucked and wound and let stuff soak, but no results on the beach. There were a few folks catching here and there, but it certainly wasn't going the way I had hoped. I had 1 bite on the beach, but in an early season mistake, I didn't have my drag set at all, and the fish came off after just a few seconds.

    About 10:00-10:30 we gave up and rolled into the creek to flip some docks. My personal fishing woes only continued with more mistakes and mishaps. Bryce on the other hand was gaining more and more confidence as he was putting his baits on targets with more proficiency and I let him take the TM a few times and be in control while I dealt with my failures. I did catch one dink while on the docks.

    We finally moved up to the bridge just as the tide turned and was starting back out. On short side from the channel we started work, and again I failed with a lost 3lber at the boat. Shortly thereafter Bryce landed one that just touched 15 on my ruler. In the box and he was pumped up. First time he's put a fish in the box in tx in a super long time. About 10-12 minutes later he had another one on and after a good fight on light gear it went in the net and didn't need to go on the ruler. Solid keeper...and now he was literally dancing on the back deck and I was probably just as excited as he was. We thought we had something going and we thought we had time for a few more, but it wasn't to be.

    It was just not my day, and unfortunately for Bryce, my 5 mistakes cost us some coin.
    Mistake #1 - No drag set on a squarebill bite - fish came off.
    Mistake #2 - Jig hook literally broke off on hookset - same jig I caught a 5lber on LKA with, and the hook was bent out on that one. I bent it back...and I guess it was compromised too much. No fish
    Mistake #3 - Broke off on hookset around dock-post - No fish
    Mistake #4 - 3lber shook off at the boat - no fish
    Mistake #5 - Broke off on hookset - no fish.

    My break-offs were on a rod that has been on my wall for a while...the line is probably at least 2-years old. Big Mistake...and again, early season (for me) woes that should have never happened, but they did.

    In the end, I have my own personal frustrations on the day, but Bryce had one of his best tx's yet. He fished virtually the entire time (because I wouldn't let him bring his notepad/kindle), and he put his first fish on the scales for our team. He was very proud of himself at the end of the day, and as a father, it was great see. The best part for me, is that he's again excited and energized about fishing and I'll need to ride the wave and get him back out again quickly.

    Next up for the Legacy Series, Lake Anna on May 19th. Check the link for division and tournament info/schedule:

    Wishin' I was fishin'...


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    Great report! Fishing with the next generation is what its all about!
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        Sounds like a good time minus a few miscues. Well done!

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          Nice recap. Tough loosing those fish but you got to spend time with your son on the water.
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            Great report despite the tough luck!

            I was out fun fishing on Sunday with a buddy in my little boat and we had similar results in the same areas. Got some fish but no great numbers or size. Plenty of competition out there, at one point there were over 40 boats at the beach.

            You guys see that 28lb bag from the Battle Series? Ridiculous.


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              Nice work - sucks losing all those fish



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