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June 24th Double Report

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  • June 24th Double Report

    Sunday was more of that tough bite with water temps lowered and water dirty in most of the prime spots. Pushed the boat way back in the swamp and found some cleaner water but the bite never worked out with only one hit in 4 hours. So I decided to try something different. Found a grass bed of emerging grass and ran poppers over it and bam nice chunky bass came up and ate. Landed about six in that bed and lost another three. No snakehead bites...NONE.. Lots of turtle nets on the creek now. Counted 12 as we fished. The snakehead jack lighters have plowed the pads down in some sections with wide swaths of pads uprooted and cut by there props. Looks terrible...

    Capt Mike

    This crew has top notch fishing skills which is always a plus with a real tough bite. Tonight was tough. No thunderstorms but, we did get rain for about a half hour which we were able to fish through. We spent a lot of time in five different pad fields. We got strikes in every field. We got a bass on a popper at golden hour. We had a snakehead on at golden hour but, not to the boat. Experienced, fun crew still made it a good time.

    Capt Dave
    Light Tackle Guide