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Potomac River 6/8/2018

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  • Potomac River 6/8/2018

    Went out of Hope spring around 6Am tide was out going ran down the the beach wow must say it was beautiful and the cool air was great nice to actually get a chill in July, Winds were up and coming from the North 10-15 so river was a bit Rough. Fished the Beach bite was way off no taker on Chatters, Frogs or Buzz Baits, grass is very scarce on the west side toward the no boat area was able to fish a chatter with out any grass on the bait which seems unusual. I think the grass is just getting stated here because of all the rain and high water. Ran inside of Aquia for a relief from wind stopped at Stick Cove good grass but no fish again this was becoming frustrating ran to the big bay before the bride on the right, Fish were popping everywhere yet again no blow up started moving toward the back toward the Duck Grass got one blow up on a Ribbit frog and didn't stick with it and never hit it again had two solid hits on chatter baits but they didn't eat it wind was awful just could get any relief from it and the bit was not working for me so I left saying I should have gone to Anna.

    Not a good day for me ont he river but that's normal I guess for me.