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June 15th Double Report

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  • June 15th Double Report

    Saturday was a nice pleasant evening on the water. Lots of hits on our little swimmy baits. Changed to a huge ribbet toad and man that thing got crushed several times. Got a snakehead for the first timer also.

    Capt Mike

    We got a good deal of strikes in every area we fished tonight but, no fish for the first few hours. A couple on, a few lost. As golden hour came on us, the fish got more active and started taking our baits more seriously. Absolutely gorgeous night on the creek. One pic for Kiko.

    Capt Dave
    Light Tackle Guide

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    Always looked forward to your report a pics, pics are not coming up on my iPad now unfortunate for me. Keep up the good work on putting people on the fish
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      Nice Mike. Good pictures of some fish and happy anglers.
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        So, there really are bass in that river LOL


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          thanks for the report
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            Since I am waiting for my subscription to work.. I will post on the back of this report another.
            June 23rd
            We launched and headed for our first choice of pad fields while there was still enough water as the tide was headed out. John picked up our first fish and I thought tonight would be like last night. If last night was not stellar but, not dead, tonight was closer to dead. Nope.

            We fished for the next few hours with very few signs of fish. We went with the fly before low tide and pretty much stayed with the fly for the rest of the night. As golden hour drew near, Ernie got this guy.

            He would have another hit or two and then a much better fish was hooked. that fish buried into the pads and was lost. We were fishing not just edges with the fly but, into the pads as well. I gathered that they were happy to get a fish to hit the fly and hook up, regardless of whether or not there was a real chance of landing it. John got this little guy. (or big guy depending on how you look at it)

            Golden was upon us and as it has been this year, what little action we had, turned off. Good food (thanks John!) good conversation and lots of laughing. $200 worth of cigars were smoked. And no folks, they didn't smoke twenty $10 cigars or ten $20 cigars, just two. Cigars so good that I thought Ernie would need a cold shower.

            Capt Dave
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              June 22nd Report

              Another really nice, not too hot evening on the creek. My first choice in water to fish was too shallow. I could foresee having to get out of the boat and push so, out we went. We had a few of blind fish hit our baits and completely miss. Dave had a hit and a miss and threw right back. This time the fish hit and missed but, came out of the water doing it and we saw it was a snakehead. Dave threw tight back out again and this time killed his bait at the last place of impact, boom, snakehead on!

              The rest of the evening while not stellar, was not dead. We landed a number of bass, missed a few and lost a few. Once again, golden hour came and the bite died. Dave is a creek veteran and he recognized the oddity of the death of the bite.

              And this little guy showed up...

              Capt Dave
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