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  • Report ending 4-26

    Week ending April 26, 2009

    Tidal Potomac River

    I was on this river everyday this past week and what a week. Bass went on the move to the beds big time I actually sat on a grass bed down in Aquia on Friday and watched as they pushed right up and started cruising for bucks and beds there were literally hundreds of them. For the most part I caught my fish this week on a Bomber balsa model B (wake bait) in chart/black during the higher tides. I don't think the bass at Dogue Creek have ever seen one of these things. Also a red lipless crankbait worked well also. As the water dropped the bass stopped chasing, so I switched to my go to bait a 5/16-oz Booyah baby-boo jig in black/blue with a green pumpkin craw-papi trailer. But as the water warmed toward the end of the week they switched off the jig to a weightless YUM dinger in green-pumpkin. (My down fall in the tournament this past Sat.; I didn't recognize the change fast enough.) Good areas Aquia, Dogue , Potomac, Piscataway, Chicamuxen and Mattawoman Creeks. I know what you're saying that's just about all the major creeks and grass beds, "well that's right it's just that good". If you can get on this river in the next two weeks you must do it the big girls will be coming to the boat! And if you need a guide we will be glad to assist!!

    Lake Anna

    No report this week.

    For more info on Lake Anna check out this site

    Rappahannock River

    No report this week.

    Other Places

    Susquehanna River- the river is clear and big Jon will be back at it this week.

    Pvt. Jon Carr with a chunky Potomac bass caught while fishing with his dad this week.

    Sponsor of the week: United States Marine Corp

    Of course they are not one of my sponsors. I got to spend most of last week at Parris, Island Recruit Depot to watch my oldest son graduate and become a Marine. No doubt it was one of the proudest moments of my family's life. The stories Jon had to tell were both hilarious and most serious in nature and he didn't stop talking till we got to Petersburg, Va. I witnessed some awesome young folks while I was there if you ever get a chance to go DO NOT PASS IT UP. God Bless all of our men and women in the Armed Forces!