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  • 7.25.09

    We had a informal team tournament Saturday out of Leesylvania. It was cool I got to fish with a longtime friend who is starting to fish some tournaments. We had a good time although the bite was not very strong on our boat.

    We started the day off in the Occoquan grass and managed three dinks on senkos, we just could not get bit on a topwater, spinnerbait, or chatterbait. Moved south to Arekndale and the area I was planning to fish had three boats on itBang Head. I was angry with myself in the decision to hit Occo fist and not the Arkendale spot. Anyway, with the wind out of the south the three boats were drifting the area. So we went south of them and got in line, fun fun. Started flippin the beaver around and just like prefishing, doink! Got our limit and culled one fish. Not a big limit by any means but we had 10lbs. By this time another boat has come in the area and the line was reformed. We left and headed a bit north to the mouth of Chopowamsic. The first cast with the spinnerbait and bam! Calling for the net, we culled up with a 3.5lber. This fish was short and fat it had small catfish hanging out of its gullet! Not a damn bite after that in this spot, dont know how that happend but it did??? By this time the wind had picked up and every freakin yacht this side of the Mississippi was coming down the river. We headed back the Occo grass. Still needing to cull two dinks and we need a kicker. Fished the craw and swimbait looking for the bigger bite. Well we culled up two bigger dinks on the swimbait.

    The ride back from Occo to Leesylvania was a mess. The 20mph S wind and outgoing tide, and wakes off of the 40' boats made for a rough one. The damn livewells popped open after hitting on of the waves. I looked over and luckily got them shut and locked before our catch got out. Close call!

    We weighed in 13.51 for second place edging out third by a pound. The winnig team had a great bag of 17.?? closer to 18.

    Unitl next time..

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