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    Not sure where to begin but I'll try and keep it simple. It's been a funny bite for me the last few weeks. Things have opened up some but the fish seem to be disoriented or something. I have missed more fish the last week than i have all season. Almost like they are hitting with a closed mouth or something.

    Bigger fish are not in the creeks. I have seen countless boats trying to crowd into the small creeks we have on the potomac and there is just not enough big fish in that shallow small water. U can cach 10 lbs but that will get u a coke and a smile thats about it. Hydrilla is breaking up on the main river but a few decent mats left. Recomend u fish moving baits and cover water. I just haven't found a large concentration of big fish. Have a tournament this weekend so I'm still looking around. Remember the rattle trap from the spring? So do the bass...

    Witnessed something crazy saturday morning looked to be about ten boats following the BFL regional guys around. Doesn't anyone find there own fish? To many so called fisherman in 40,000 boats on this river...

    Well good luck guys If I find somthing solid I'll let you know. Tournament this weekend so I'm still looking. Oh yeah yes, they will bite a jig again too.

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    Hey Lott-
    your "spot on" with your observations. Keep lookin you'll find em.

    Those ten boats we call them......."Sight fisherman" lol


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      good one

      Tank is dead on with it. You got to work and do a trial and error. I been out last 3-4 weeks and it changes daily it seems so. I am just eliminating dead water and keying in on patterns throughout the river system. At any given time there are some shallow fish and deep fish in any given creek or section of the river. GL on your TX on the weekend.
      John 3:16


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        good luck, be versatile and ready to change...
        VA Outdoors Tournament Director