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Picked up another of those MEAN fish today......

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  • Picked up another of those MEAN fish today......

    Hit the beach area at Aquia Landing and caught this nice fella on a white chatterbait. I had another one on for about 15 seconds and lost him. Then a bad storm started moving in on me and i had to make a mad dash for the shore!!!.....Get out there and get em!!

    This guy went 10 pounds 12 ounces and is my best snake to date, i believe

    Please disregard date on picture...forgot to set proper date...:(((Click image for larger version

Name:	4-30-15...10lb 12oz Aquia snakehead.JPG
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    nice one!
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      I'm curious how you're targeting these this time of year? How many bass are you catching (this time of year) while trying to catch the snakes?

      I only ask, because when I was fishing the beach area a couple Saturday's ago, there were probably 60 boats out there, for 120 anglers or so, and not a single NSH was caught (that I'm aware of).

      Is it now a timing/temp thing vs 2-weeks ago, or are you doing something specifically different to target the NSH?
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        I can't speak for Snakechaser Eric but the one I caught two weeks ago was in very skinny water over pads. In about a foot of water. These fish tend to bite in very shallow water 1-2 feet.
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          Rob kinda hit the nail on the head....the two snakeheads i have caught were right up on the shore (or just off shore but still in very shallow water) the summer i throw a frog 99% of the time but a friend (on this forum) put me on a white chatterbait early in the season and it has paid off for me this year!....the rest just has to do with a little luck. Last year i caught my first one on a frog on May 8. My friend, Bill Rysanek, got one over 12lbs, and one over 14 pounds on the same day (first week of May) on the white chatterbait.

          i did catch a real chunky bass yesterday...but thats just a always looking for these toothy critters.

          Hope this helps and you catch a monster.



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            Eric...another note. Snakeheads will hit just about anything a largemouth will hit....i just like the frog topwater action come summertime...just recently a friend showed me a pic of a nice one that took a red rattle trap. i have seen huge ones taken on soft plastics and cranks too...really i beleive that if you fish shallow, especially while the water offshore is still cool, you will better your chances...again i like having a little luck with me too!!!



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              Nice fish indeed. I got my personal best on a white chatter bait. Glad to see you guys are starting to catch.