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  • Chopawamsic Snakehead

    Picked up my first two snakeheads for the year tonight in the Chop.
    Launched the kayak from the nature trail ramp around 4pm.
    Rising tide. Lots of action as the sun started down. Same pattern:
    white chatterbait as shallow as you can go.
    Old girl in the pic went 12.5 pounds. The second one was around 3 pounds.

    Curiously didn't see any bass and the water is starting to clear in the shallows;
    the rest of the chop looks like coffee.

    Snakechaser was at the other end of the chop; I'll let him chime in with his
    report. He was doing well too.

    Click image for larger version

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    Old girl had a nice gut on her. While cleaning one, ever open up the tummy to make out what they've been eating?
    Thank God For Rednecks


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      We opened up a few last year. Crayfish; lots of crayfish. Minnows and one even had a 7in catfish in its stomach.
      Oddly, I've never seen a frog and they love frog lures.


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        Congrats Bill on that big ol' girl....what a hog!!! I launched at the OCS ramp and started off very slow. As the tide got about half in and the sun started dropping the action really picked up...i put two snakes in the yak and lost 4 others that i was able to fight for a short period before yanking the frog out of their mouths pulling them through the grass. All my fish came on a leopard frog...had a blast and didnt want to leave, but im feeling that long paddle back to the ramp this morning!!!


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          Snakechaser -

          Any size to the SH you caught? All of the SH I saw this weekend were paired up and spawning with the exception of 2 or 3, 1 of which I enticed to hit a frog. Typically this time of year when they are paired up like that I catch a few fish between 2-3 pounds that aren't in on the first spawn. I was literally setting baits on top of their noses this weekend and throwing the whole tackle box at them to no avail. They literally would come up for air and intentionally avoid the frog and move their heads aside for air. It was extremely frustrating but nature works in mysterious ways. I saw some pretty nice sized ones too.

          Congrats again Bill I fish all year for less than a handful that size.


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            Both of the fish i got on the stringer were just over 4 pounds...the ones i had hooked and lost seemed to be about the same size...the action really picked up that evening as the sun was dropping and they were very shallow.