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Better Day on the Chop - 14 Jun

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  • Better Day on the Chop - 14 Jun

    I woke up at 5 and was meeting several friends at the Chopawamsic at dawn; my friend Mike, his son Brandon and
    my friend Mark. Grabbed coffee, was out the door by 5:30 and at the ramp at 6:00. The little ramp was all backed
    up by a couple of inconsiderate folks (they were rigging their rods out of the back of their vehicle while all sorts of
    people were waiting) so we all unloaded our kayaks and worked around them. We launched well before they did.

    We paddled and fished through a huge patch of lily pads for the first 30 minutes or so. I started out using a Top
    Toad and I hooked into an 11 pound snakehead. Nice start! Mike’s son Brandon hooked up next with another 11 pound
    snakehead on a chatterbait. (his first snakehead ever). Things slowed down a lot after that. Bluebird skies, 90 degrees,
    humid and a falling tide. Anyway, it was also about then that I figured out that while I had turned my Go Pro on, I had
    neglected to hit start. (few choice words). I also changed over to a white solid body frog.

    Anyway, after a promising start, Mike has only landed one bass since. While working a weed line, I got a 9 pound SH. He
    went for the frog it as soon as it hit the water and missed. I let it sit and he came back around and crushed it.

    A little later, I reared back for a mighty cast without realizing that my line had looped over the rod tip. I heard a sickening snap
    and watched my new frog sail 15 yards into the reeds. I beached the kayak and walked through the muck and weeds until I
    found it. Much later and in very shallow water, I got a nice bass, probably about 2.5 pounds. He hit the frog the same way;
    as soon as it landed.

    After that it got real slow. A few hours later on the way back in and at almost deal low tide, I spooked a line of fish. They were
    all camped out where the water was draining out of the marshy areas as the tide fell. Ah ha! I waited a bit and kept casting
    around the same area. While chugging the frog back I got a 6 pound SH. She jumped as soon as she hit it and must have spit
    the hook because she was hooked in the side when I got her to the boat.

    Launched at 6:00, recovered at 12:00. Caught 3 SH and one bass.
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    nice work. gotta hate those ramp pogues tho'. no love for those people.


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      Great job had a super day!!!! wish i could have fished instead of working under a truck sweating my ass off!!!!