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Shenandoah River 11-23

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  • Shenandoah River 11-23

    Well psuhunter and I had been planning to go fishing this weekend for a couple of weeks and we weren't about to let the front stop us. We met at the ramp in shenandoah around 8am. From there we went straight across to the deeper side where we threw jigs, shakyheads, blades, and jerks. No luck there, we head down to the deepest area we knew about and tried to see if we could mark any fish or structure worth fishing. We fished it thorough without marking anything great or many fish either, one good bite but nothing to show for it. Pretty much the same thing all the way up, one spot we found did look good, yet it only looked good. So we headed back down hitting the deep area again. Nothing. So we started fishing shallower on the outside of the dead grass. Psuhunter got the skunk out with a slot fish in 2' of water on a jig. I got three bites that followed shortly but nothing to show,probably some pincher pullers, so we headed to the bridge to fish since neither of us had been down there. Saw some nice smallies in and around the wood but they saw us as well cause the water was super clear (10' vis). Water temp was 48.5-50 Fun day fishing with a friend, even if it was tough and windy.

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    Good times for sure...that water is gin clear right now..I could see my blade 12-14 foot down..the rain this week might help out the fishing.
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