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  • Riverton Question

    For the guys who fish Riverton, what is the average depth down towards the dam? Is there a fair amount of deep water? I've fished around where the forks meet but never ventured down much further. Thinking about heading there this winter work on some deep water presentations.

    Thanks for any help.

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    There is plenty of deep water. Anywhere from 8-15ft from the conveyor belt all the way to the damn.
    With some areas hitting 20+. Be careful around the conveyor belt as there is nasty under water concrete pillar
    that sits just below the surface just to the left of the middle pilling of the conveyor bridge as your going down
    towards the damn. I suggest using your trolling motor through the bridge till your familiar with the area.


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      What he said^^^ the farther you head towrds the damn the deeper it gets, once you reach the front royal country club you could take a barge to the damn.


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        Thanks for the help guys! I'll have to make the trip up there soon.