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  • 10/14

    Got out and hit the Shenandoah in Shenadoah last weekend. I didn't get out until about 10:30 but my buddy that I meant was out there at daylight and caught a nice 4 pounder in the grass to start off the day. Water was right around 70 with really good visibility. We caught about 10/12 fish while we were out...We caught smallmouth all the way down to the bridge which I thought was a little strange as I don't usually catch them down that far, we also caught a few in the grass. Not sure if its a seasonal thing or because the water is so clear in the upper stretch they moved down or what...interested in hearing others opinions that fish that stretch..
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    nice work, aaron!


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      I think its definitely a seasonal thing, not sure why though but the Smallmouth really show up in the fall. A couple of weeks ago i was catching sm in the trees in the middle towards the dam at the bend nothing big though.


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        Nice work Aball


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          Smallmouth move a lot more than largemouth. I read they can travel 5 miles to a wintering hole. In late October they stack up together in the dam areas of still deep water like at Egypt bend and riverton and will be there all winter until early spring they run upriver.