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Smith Mtn Lake 14 MAR 2020

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  • Smith Mtn Lake 14 MAR 2020

    Was out for a lil redemption after motor issues put the whammy on my last trip. Linked up w/ Macon for a day of fun fishing. The lake did not disappoint.

    Launched at the state park and made a short run to a series of creeks/larger coves I'd fished a couple weeks ago, primarily trying to gauge how or if the bait fish had moved. Started marking bait fish almost right away so I dropped the TM and went to work on the nearest set of secondary points. Took a little bit but we soon dialed in where the fish were holding. Points w/ transition lanes w/ sharp drops were the ticket for us. The points didn't produce but the adjacent transition lanes did. Fish were holding between 8-15' and tight to the bottom. If you put the bait in front of them they ate it. Nothing on moving baits. All of our fish came from old school presentations - blades and the c-rig. Didn't have a lot of bites but the ones we did have were wicked. Everything we caught would've kept for TX purposes. Best fish of the day was a solid ~4lb SM that absolutely killed Macon's blade. Was quite a fight.

    Observations: 1) Saw 50* at the state park at launch. 50-52 throughout the midlake area. 52.5 - 53.5 in the creeks south of the 122 bridge. Water is clear from the state park down. A slight stain as you move up into the ROA arm. We did not go into the BW arm. 2) Most of the bait we saw was in main creek channels. A few isolated pods in coves and cuts but nothing we were able to pattern. Late AM we saw some herding in a couple of the creeks - stripers were working the bait hard, pushing them up against sharp breaks and channel swings. 3) The c-rig bite was kind of a last ditch measure. I left my spinny poles at home so I was stuck w/ what I had on board. If I had had the correct gear I would've thrown the nedster. That said, the c-rig was by far the best way to put and keep the bait in front of the fish. A slow crawl did the trick. 4) Had a few soft bites, where they only had the flappers on the bait. I let them have it for a few seconds before setting the hook. Even then, I missed a few fish. I wouldn't call them finicky. Just tentative. 5) Nothing doing on a-rig, cranks, spinners, chatters, jerks, or lipless baits for us.

    Couldn't have asked for a better day. WX was perfect (maybe a lil more wind would've helped). Lake was busy but folks were polite, respectful.


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    I find Anna easy to unlock compared to SML.....good job.....SML can be many different lakes in one depending on conditions, TOY, targeted species and requires some different techniques....

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      I was headed to Smith for Angler's Choice next weekend, but it's cancelled. Do you have another tourney coming up down there 31? They had a CATT down there a couple of weeks ago and 6 bags over 20lb came in.


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        I'm done on SML for TXs for the year, Charlie. I will go back for some fun fishing/scouting trips. Did not see what it took to win the BFL last weekend. Buncha boats out there. Lotsa zeroes and light bags.