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Sml 3/3-3/5

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  • Sml 3/3-3/5

    Went to Smith on Wed night to prep for Saturday's Anglers Choice tourney. I'm usually a pretty solid competitor on Smith, but for some reason it's eluding me this spring. There are currently several sets of conditions on Smith. The lower lake is clear and 43, mid lake is stained and 45-47 and upper lake is clear. During my two days of pre fishing I was all over the place. Caught fish on several things, but not many on any one particular pattern. My grandfather used to tell me that if you straddle the fence long enough you're going to get your nuts in barbwire. That's what happened to me. My go to float n fly pattern requires fairly clear water, which I had down the lake, but for some reason the bite just wasn't on. I like to crankbait fish dirty water, it was available.

    Saturday morning I blasted off in a 176 boat field. Went to my best two float n fly banks and zeroed. Went to plan B and got up in the dirty water and got out the shadrap. Caught a 3lb LM and a 2lb LM in about the first 10 minutes. I was thinking OH YEAH! Well not so much. 4 more hours of cranking my paws off and not another sniff. Scratched out one 2lb fish on a jig, but couldn't coax another one. Went back down lake to the clear water and caught 1 on the float rig and that was it. Had 4 fish for about 9lbs. No point in even weighing a sack like that in a tourney that size. Top three teams were over 20 and it took about 14lbs to get in the money.

    I'm pretty frustrated right now. Fishing a tourney on Philpott next week. Hoping to turn it around a bit. I'm having one of those stretches that make you want to sell your boat and all your crap and take up catfishing.

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    Chin up man. Lee and I usually do very well at Anna in March and can hang with the best of them. Not so this year. Only had 3 fish in last 4 outtings. Yesterdays Polar Bear we had 2 bites and both came off. Tough late winter bite for us. So.....keep calm and fish on.
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      I'm just frustrated because Feb thru early April is usually when I win tourneys. After mid April you might as well call me Salvation Army, because I'm donating!


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        Thanks for the report ... Things should start picking up with the warm weather this week ... I hope to get out Saturday for the first time this year, will put in at Oak Grove and see what I can find :)