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Fishing Smith Mountain Lake

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  • Fishing Smith Mountain Lake

    Hey guys new to the lake, I am going to be spending a long weekend at Smith Mountain Lake and will have some time to get out and do some fishing. I haven't fished SML very much, but was wondering if you all have any recommendations for baits. I was thinking of doing some deep water cranking with the boat traffic and heat, but I might be wrong. Any advise is much appreciated.

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    Not a whole lot of the SML guys post on here. You'll find a wealth of information though on this forum Heading there for a week myself in about two weeks, looking forward to it.


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      I would stick to drop shots or jigs, with this heat they are going to be deeper. I would imagine 15-20 feet, stick to early morning or evening if you can. Look for the structure like ledges and rocks on main lake points


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        The lake will be crazy with jetskis, wake boats, water skiers, you name it. Go early and get off the water early.
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          +1 on the sml fishing forum site. It's got a ton of helpful info specific to SML.

          You'll catch fish w/ deep cranks but not always. Certainly something to keep handy but I wouldn't hang my hat on that one presentation. Tundra points you in a good direction. I would add offshore structure to the mix (look for flooded timber). The challenge w/ any location on SML in summer is boat traffic. It's insane and will be that way well into SEP and OCT. Fishing at nite isn't necessarily easier - the rec boaters are still active well after the sun goes down.


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            good luck you will need...

            You can look at going to Leesville which is close by and the boat traffic will be minimal...Leesville usually fishes pretty good
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